Josep Quer Agustí was born in Vilafant (Girona, Spain) in 1943

High Level Teacher of violin, slide trombone and double bass, he reaches the Top Diploma in double bass with maestro Ferran Sala in 1974. After working in popular and dancing music (the most important period was between 1969 and 1977, with the International Spanish “Orquesta Maravella”), and after playing in most European countries, he began to work only in the classical field. Member of the Euzkadi Symphony Orchestra between 1982 and 1986, he currently played in the Symphony Orchestra of Great Theatre of Liceu in Barcelona until 2008. He took part of “Septimino de Euzkadi”, he has played as double bass soloist with several symphony orchestras and chamber orchestras in Perpignan (France) and with the Empordà Chamber Orchestra. He played also with “Orquestra Ciutat de Barcelona” -now OBC- (always as guest double bassist), Montpellier Symphony Orchestra and Empordà-Languedoc-Roussillon Symphony Orchestra.

He has received master class from Yoan Goilav (Musik Akademie der Stadt Basel) and from great American virtuoso players Barry Green and, specially, Gary Karr. He played in many Festivals, like International Music Festival of Peralada. In June 1997 he was invited by International Society of Bassists to play in the Convention held in Houston (Texas, USA); he was also invited by ISB in 1999 to play in Iowa and, in 2001, to play in Indianapolis and Boston. In 2000, he was also an active member of the ‘Double Bass Master’ in Reding (England), and, in 2001, he was teacher in the Longy School of Cambridge (MA, United States), giving a course on Spanish double bass tradition and original music.

He works now with japanese organist Izumi Kando, with whom he is planning concerts all over the world. Josep Quer plays a double bass solo in the soundtrack of the film “Babaouo” (1997) -based upon a story written by Salvador Dalí-, directed by Manuel Cussó i Ferrer and with original music by Catalan jazzman and piano player Manuel Camp.

Josep Quer worked all along these years as a teacher in a lot of Spanish conservatoriums (specially in Euzkadi and, more recently, in Lleida -Catalonia-). He has recorded two CD’s on double bass music for a solo player: Contrabaix nostre (ALTERNATIVA, 1993) and El bruixot del contrabaix (The double bass wizard -dedicated to Catalan composer Josep Cervera i Bret-: ALTERNATIVA, 1996); now he is going to present his third CD: El Duende. Homenatge a Pere Valls i Duran (PICAP, 2001). From 2001 on, he is working exclusively on compositions of Catalan composer Víctor García Acín.

Josep Quer was given the freedom of the city of Vilafant (Girona); he founded and, now, he is the director of the Cobla-Orquestra “La Principal de Vilafant”, with whom he is now playing a lot of concerts on Catalan popular music, camera and symphony repertoire and even opera (recently, he produced a Puccini program with Spanish soprano Glòria López). In 2003, Josep Quer played concerts of double bass with piano in Denmark (Aarhus, Conservatorium: September 28th) and Germany (Tegernau, “Rosenhof”: November 28th).

In 2004 (September 17th), Josep Quer also played in Chelmsford (Massachusetts, USA). In 2005, Josep Quer taught and also performed, in April, in the The Manhattan School of Music (Columbia University, New York), invited by Professor Tim Cobbt; Josep Quer taught and played as well in Kalamazoo (Michigan University) in June 6th to 12th, and again in Tegernau -“Rosenhof”- (Germany) in August 22nd to 27th. European and American Tours as a soloist with chamber orchestras in 2006; in this year also, Josep Quer began to work currently and perform together with Catalan musicians Toni Gadea (drums) and Santi Escura (piano) into a classical music-symphonic jazz formula named Contrabaix viatger (Traveller double-bass), having played for now -out of Catalonia- in Béziers (France) and Tegernau (Germany). During 2007 and 2008, Josep Quer played several times in the United States and he was invited again (June 3rd, 2009), this time by International Society of Bassists, to play a concert on Catalan and Spanish music for double bass -including a work of Salvador Brotons, for the first time in USA- in the International Meeting which took place in the University of Pennsylvania [in the USA also, we must notice several concerts together with the Nashua Chamber Orchestra and with famous piano player George López and string quintet]. After his playing in Pennsylvania, Mr. Quer performed again in the States (end of 2009), this time in Nashua and Melrose together with symphony orchestras. In 2010, Josep Quer played in Hawaii in June (10-16), in September in Figueres (Catalonia, Spain) into a tribute to the composer Jaume Cristau, in october in Barcelona into a tribute to the great double bass master Ferran Sala, and in december Josep Quer went back to Melrose for a solo concert with its Symphony Orchestra. Again in the States, in winter and in spring of 2011, Josep Quer played in New Hampshire and Massachusetts (Nashua, Boston, Mildford), and in California (San Francisco); all this with chamber orchestra, solo playing or even making duet with piano (like in the Sheba Piano Lounge, San Francisco) on American standards from the 40’s and the 50’s. In the next future, he will work together with the jewish singer Rosalie Gerut.


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