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Was born in Vilafant (Girona, Spain) in 1943. High Level Teacher of violin, slide trombone and double bass, he reaches the Top Diploma in double bass with maestro Ferran Sala in 1974. After working in popular and dancing music (the most important period was between 1969 and 1977, with the International Spanish “Orquesta Maravella”), and after playing in most European countries, he began to work only in the classical field. Member of the Euzkadi Symphony Orchestra between 1982 and 1986, he currently played in the Symphony Orchestra of Great Theatre of Liceu in Barcelona until 2008. He took part of “Septimino de Euzkadi”, he has played as double bass soloist with several symphony orchestras and chamber orchestras in Perpignan (France) and with the Empordà Chamber Orchestra. He played also with “Orquestra Ciutat de Barcelona” -now OBC- (always as guest double bassist), Montpellier Symphony Orchestra and Empordà-Languedoc-Roussillon Symphony Orchestra. He recently participated in BASS2012 in Copenhagen.

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